What is GMAT?

The GMAT exam is the best way to get the world’s top graduate management business programs to notice you. The exam measures your verbal, quantitative, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing skills.

The GMAT is a three-and-a-half-hour long exam, broken into four different sections which measures higher-order reasoning rather than facts or subject areas. While you will use skills you learned in geometry, algebra and English classes to answer the test questions, the exam is not a test of these skills. It is designed to assess your ability to analyze data and use reasoning to solve problems.

What we offer

In-Class Training

This program is well suited for individuals who have not scored well in the diagnostic exam or are looking to score above a 325.

One On One Coaching

This program is designed for students who are strapped for time, require specific attention to certain topics or want a more personalized curriculum.

Test Series & Doubt Solving

Mental fitness, calmness and confidence are essential attributes required to secure a good GRE score.

Sections of GMAT

Analytical Writing Assessment

Evaluate the reasoning behind and write a critique of an argument considering various perspectives and using relevant reasons or examples drawn from your experience, observations, or reading to develop a position on the issue.

30 Minutes | 1 Question | Score: 0 – 6
• Analysis of an Argument

Integrated Reasoning

Showcase your highly valued integrated reasoning skills which are keys for success in the classroom and workplace by reviewing a set of data, answer questions, develop strategies and make decisions based on that information.

30 Minutes | 12 Questions | Score: 1 – 8
• Graphics interpretation | • Table analysis | • Multi-source reasoning | • Two-part analysis

Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative section of the GMAT measures your ability to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data.

62 Mins | 31 Questions | Score: 6 – 51
• Data Sufficiency | • Problem Solving

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal section of the GMAT exam measures your ability to read and comprehend written material, reason and evaluate arguments, and correct written material using standard written English.

65 Mins | 36 Questions | Score: 6 – 51
• Reading Comprehension | • Critical Reasoning | • Sentence Correction

Our Approach


Topic Wise Practice Questions

All resources will be provided by us including practice material and mock papers. Mock papers are an integral part of your preparation.

Doubt Solving

Collegepond provides its students with unlimited one-on-one doubt clearing sessions to solve their queries, work on their weak areas, and improve their mistakes, thereby helping them achieve their desired scores.

Small Batches

Our professors know that doubts can be efficiently solved in small sized batches ONLY. Hence, our   batches accommodate up to a maximum of 20 students to facilitate individual attention.

Periodic Assessments

At Collegepond, we ensure that students receive continuous feedback regarding their mastery of concepts and their areas of weakness. Therefore, we regularly assess and monitor the students’ performance by giving topic wise-tests & drills. This forms an essential part of our coaching methodology.

Interactive Lectures

Our interactive teaching culture encourages active learning by allowing the students to engage with the content through individual and group participation, so that they can develop a sound understanding of the concepts being taught. 

Full Length Supervised Tests

To achieve the purpose of understanding the progress of students and provide them the necessary coaching at required intervals.

AWA Section

Focusing on AWA coaching and unlimited essay reviews, our AWA test prep services have been designed to help students improve their AWA scores, thereby enhancing their eligibility for securing admission in top-ranked universities.

Modular Approach

We employ a modular approach which allows you the flexibility of picking up topics and joining our batches at your own convenience. You can also expedite your course or delay it as per your requirement.

Lecture Topics



Number properties Introduction to GMAT
Percentage, Profit & Loss, & Interest Grammar
Equations, Sequences & Ratio Proportion Sentence Correction
Time, Speed & Distance, & Work Problems Critical Reasoning
Inequalities & its Modulus, & Venn Diagram Reading Comprehension – 1
Geometry Reading Comprehension – 2
Co-ordinate Geometry & Function AWA – Argument
Statistics GMAT Strategy Class & Verbal Workshop
Permutation & Combination
Integrated Reasoning
GMAT Strategy Class & Math Workshop

What Our Students Say

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The experience that I had with Collegepond was amazing. The counsellors helped me through the school selection process and choose ‘realistic dream’ options as oppose to apply aimlessly.  The staff is super friendly and efficient. Thanks for making this long and tedious journey into a smooth one.

Anil K.

From university selection to essays, from financial docs to pre-departure, Collegepond Team really stood by my side throughout this journey. The counsellor was very smart and had detailed knowledge about my field of study. The counsellors are true and empathetic and know how to handle, guide and channel the students in the right direction. Thank you for all your help, Collegepond! I can vouch for Collegepond’s services.

Maninder P.

Collegepond is one of the best counselling services out there, with all the counsellors making sure you always get the best of the best. The counsellors’ ability to help me ideate and bring out my USP was truly remarkable.  I strongly believe that the story line created was the key to my admission at U. Of Chicago. Thank you and kudos to the team!!! 

Rajwardhan S.

My overall experience was excellent with Collegepond. They have a very professional approach and willing to walk the extra mile to help you. If it wasn’t for Collegepond, I would have still been dreaming about pursuing an MBA abroad. Thank you Collegepond.

Nidhi J.

The experience that I had with Collegepond was amazing. I was scared as I had started applying to the universities pretty late, but the staff is super friendly and efficient. They have an amazing staff who were always there to clear even my silliest doubts.

Nikita J.

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